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Another Cup Win For Luton TTC

Under the steady leadership of Rod Tomlin his Division 2 team Clarendon came out on top by defeating Premiership Rothamsted to claim the Hotard Challenge Shield.

From left : Andrijs, Rod, Lizhe & Mariusz

The match took place at Christains In Sport on Thursday 25th April, 7:45pm.

This was a great win for Clarendon, who could have given up a few matches ago after struggling to field a team. Clarendon has a strong team throughout their league match season, which lead them to winning division 2 without losing a match. They were the firm favourite of landing the trophy because of the points system when playing a team ranking much higher than the other.

The full team in the league are:

Rod Tomlin
Mariusz Winiarski
Andrejs Skromans
Lizhe Su
Andrei Zaharia

Its just another proud moment for Luton TTC.

Nuff Respect to Clarendon

Elroy Edwards

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By elroy / Administrator, bbp_keymaster on Apr 27, 2019