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Cup Win For Dynomite Trio From Luton TTC

From left: Jacob, Blayk & Francis

Luton TTC youngsters, Hanover, came away the champions of the Victor Ludorum Cup. This is a cup they contested from the beginning of the season with only 3 players, Blayk Marquis (Captain), Jacob Pearson and Francis McMahon. They were a difficult trio to defeat throughout the season not only because they are all good and developing players, but also because of the generous handicap they were given.


MAL HUSSAIN (47048)Christians1
MARK SLOUGH (47125)Christians2
MUHAMMAD KHALID (172370)  Christians0
PAUL BEARD (150216)Christians0
RUSSELL PENN (47097)Christians2
BLAYK MARQUIS (191993)LTTC Hanover16
FERGAL SAM (200939)LTTC Hanover  17
FRANCIS MCMAHON (194980)LTTC Hanover16
JACOB PEARSON (191980)LTTC Hanover17

Their match last night was against Christians, the very best that won the Premier League with a gap of 43 points while the youngsters, Hanover, finish fourth from bottom in Division 2. So there were a massive gap in age, experience and class. None the less the youngsters battled through to win 6 -3 on the night with each player winning 2 matches.

The atmosphere was electrifying with huge shouts after every point won by the youngsters. They made us all proud to see the fruits of their hard work. All 3 are dedicated table tennis players.

Well done Blayk, Jacob and Francis.

Elroy Edwards

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By elroy / Administrator, bbp_keymaster on Apr 26, 2019