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Frankie The Chopper From Luton TTC Is Up 120 Places In The National Rankings.

Frankie The Chopper is aiming for the very top.

This very humble young man is getting what he truly deserved from the sport he loves so much and put so many hours into. Frankie only dream is to be a professional table tennis player.

I can remember not long ago when he and his dad walked into the club one Saturday after I was about to close the door. The tables had already been packed away, but Frankie or his dad asked if the club was still open. Without hesitation, I said yes and reopened the club and had a two-hour knock with him. It was at that moment I realised that Frankie is nothing but a chopper meaning a defensive player on both sides, backhand and forehand.

After, he joined the club playing in the bottom division of the Luton & District Table Tennis League. He went the entire season without winning a match, but I had already told him that it was going to be so.

The change came in the last six months has I spend more time with him helping him to develop his craft and giving him the confidence that every sports person needs.

To see him now at 117 after previously ranking 237 in the Under 13’s, meant that we are going in the right direction and it can only get better.

Nuff Respect

Elroy Edwards

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By elroy / Administrator, bbp_keymaster on May 14, 2019