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Junior (Under 18) Table Tennis League 2020

Dear Parent/Guardian/Coach/Teacher & Players,

Following countless positive discussions with parents it gives me great pleasure to formally announce the details of the upcoming 2020 Junior League season.

The (LTTC) Junior League offers a very flexible competition and is open to junior players of all ages and of any standard from beginners through to those already playing at county level and above.  This in an individual league (so you do not need to be part of a team) and is open all junior players living within a reasonable radius of the LTTC catchment area.  The competition is open to players that currently attend clubs within this area as well as those that may only play at school or socially with family and friends.  If you are unsure if your child/student falls into this category but are interested in them playing in this league, please get in contact with me for clarification.  I will be as flexible as possible as the main aim of the Junior League is to encourage more people to take up, and continue playing this great sport, whilst giving players an opportunity to play some competitive sport against players of their same ability level.


The format will see players being placed into groups of four based on known playing ability.  Matches will again be played on Saturday afternoons from 1.30pm - 4.30pm approximately and will be held at the Luton Table Tennis Club.  There will be four days of competition this season. To be eligible, players must have been born in 2002 or later.

Working on 20 players entering, this would be the format of the matches:

Day 1 (Sat Jan 18th)

Five Groups (A, B, C, D, E,) with four players in each group.  Each player plays all the other players in their group to work out a winner, 2nd, 3rd and 4th place.  Matches are best of five games.

Day 2 (Sat Feb 15th 

Five Groups of 4 again.  The top three in Group A from Day 1 stay in that group with the 4th placed player relegated to Division B to be replaced by the winner of Group B.  The same promotion/relegation rules apply to all the other divisions with the top player being promoted and the 4th placed player relegated.

Day 3 (Sat March 21st)

Day 3 works in exactly the same way as day 2 with groups being decided depending on how players finished after Day 2.

Day 4 (Sat April 25th)

Day 4 works in exactly the same way as day 3 with groups being decided depending on how players finished after Day 3.

At the end of day 4 there will be a presentation with medals given to those that have finished in the top two positions in each group, and an overall Luton Table Tennis Club Junior League champion will be crowned.  There will also be a presentation to the most improved player and the player with the best sportsmanship.  There will be a further award for the player who has won the most matches over the four days of competition (excluding the outright champion).

All matches will be played at the Luton Table Tennis Club. The Entry fee is £24 (equivalent to £6 per day).  The full entry fee is payable up front for the season.  Participants should play three matches per day and will be expected to umpire some matches too.  Training will be given to those that are unsure how to umpire a match.  The final day’s play on Saturday, April 25th will decide the overall finishing positions for all players.

As this competition is run under the jurisdiction of Table Tennis England, a requirement of entry is that all players must be members.  Membership costs just £8 for junior players. Details of how to become a member can be found on the Table Tennis England website

Download registration form here

Fill out the online form here

If you need help or advice on how to register we can assist you.  Just give me a call.

Yours faithfully,

Elroy Edwards
LTTC Development Officer
07960 278059