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The Flexi Tournaments Has Become A Big Hit For Luton Players

Due to the location of the tournament some of the players who previously refused to travel to far distances are now competing at a higher level of play. The list below shows players who are now on the national ranking because they are now competing regularly in Flexi tournaments being held al Luton TTC.

Olutoye Boyede - Rank 135 (Tigers)
Mal Hussain - Rank 571 (Christians In Sport)
Stuart Marquis - Rank 582 (LTTC Kingston)
Micah Stoute - Rank 639 (LTTC Kingston)
Bob Sapuan - Rank 841 (LTTC Kingston)
Farhan Kayani - Rank 896 (LTTC Kingston)
Razvan Iusan - Rating 999 (LTTC St Catherine)

There will be many more Flexi tournaments before the end of 2019. All tournaments are listed on the Table Tennis England website, but you can find the online applications at under tournament registration. This year will definitely finish with a bang and we will continue in 2020 in the same spirit.

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By elroy / Administrator, bbp_keymaster on Oct 11, 2019