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Level 2 Coach

  • DBS; Expiry Date 11/08/2019
  • Safeguarding ; Expiry Date 02/12/2018
  • First Aid; 02/04/2019

"Table Tennis is a sport I loved and still love with an unexplained passion. The confusing thing was this, my table tennis exploits ran concurrently with my exploits as a boxer. Also, I went on to become a professional boxer while quitting table tennis for over 20 years. After finding out that my hand and eye coordination combined with my feet movements were second to none hence being called the racket sport genius. Looking back at it now I felt hurt to know that I did not do anything to further my talent at the time as I was a very gifted table tennis player."

As the founding member of the Luton Table Tennis Club (Luton TTC), I was driven by a specific goal in mind: to establish the first table tennis training facility in Luton. This desire originated from observing the dire state of table tennis in Luton where training facilities for the sport were non-existent. As a result, the player base consisted of a clique of predominantly untrained Elders, who shunned the younger participants into partaking the sport.

My background as a professional boxer has allowed me to establish Luton TTC with the initial aim of developing the next generation of highly skilled players via the investment in youth. So far, the club has transformed Lewsey Farm Learning Centre Trust into a thriving facility that enables players to not only enjoy table tennis, but to reach aspirations of higher competitive play. Key figures from the community and England’s table tennis scene have already noticed the ambition of the club and its potential for growth; their support and funding have provided the much-needed boost which was paramount to the club’s current success.

Due to the highly-vested interest from the community at large, the project has expanded to cater for not only the youth, but members from all backgrounds – irrespective of age, gender, disability, or otherwise.

- Elroy Edwards, Founder of Luton TTC