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County School Champions: Very Proud of These Young Men. Kamai, Nathan, Ishmael & Moses


Gold winners in the County Primary School Table Tennis final, 30th Nov 2018: Kamai, Nathan, Ishmael & Moses

I was filled with great joy when the first mom sent me a picture of his son holding the medal. Her words were, "Hi Elroy, your boys won gold in the county finals." Then the second mom typed to me on Whatsapp, "Hi Elroy...the boys from Chantry won the finals. Thanks for all your time and energy training them

I remember listening to Jamaica Mutabaruka and he kept on saying, "If you do the same thing over and over don't expect a different result." I decided to research the saying only to find out that it is credited to Albert Einstein who actually said, “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results". That was where it at all changed for me because insane, I was definitely not. To cut a long story short, I struggled when deciding with going back to boxing or table tennis, but as a youngster in school here in the UK, I was often called the racket sport genius because of my abilities in mastering all the racket sports and able to play them with both hands.

Table Tennis was my choice and I was blessed with teaching some incredible youngsters at the club based at Lewsey Farm Learning Centre. There are much more than the four named in the title, but these four happened to attend Chantry Primary School. They are four players with individual talent who won the all Primary Schools Table Tennis Tournament, 13th Nov 2018 in Luton.

Hard work pays off, but smarter work gets you more. Running a few group training sessions after school was a wise choice. Educating them that the winner is the person who keep the ball on the table the longest.

Kamai, Nathan and Ishmael currently form St Ann which is one the teams at Luton Table Tennis Club.

They are now the winners of the county championship and is now in the regional finals. This is a proud moment for Luton Table Tennis Club and myself, but there is much more to do preparing them for the regional finals which is in January.

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