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Nine Teams To Be Entered and There Could Be More

Luton Table Tennis Club (LTTC) has marked another unprecedented step in the history of Luton & District Table Tennis League as they are set to enter a grand total of nine teams in the upcoming 2018/2019 season.  The aim is to have fourteen teams to represent the fourteen parishes in Jamaica. All nine teams are named after Jamaican parishes. St Catherine, St Thomas, Kingston, Clarendon, St Andrew, St Ann, Hanover, St Mary and Portland.

Further still, the club will inject new life into the local league by entering the talented youths of Luton and surrounding zones with the intention of providing a platform to cultivate their talents for the future.

From humble beginnings, LTTC began as a one man's initiative under the leadership of Elroy 'Silver Fox' Edwards on February 2016, who intended the club to be one of the beacons of table tennis training providers in Luton and the surrounding counties.

"My intention was to create a successful club which provides a platform for table tennis training to all members of the local community, irrespective of age, gender or otherwise, now that the club has really taken off, it is time to focus on developing the youths of the club, with the ambition of cultivating our very own Junior and Senior British League teams."

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