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The Singles League Kicked Off and Advancing Table Tennis In Luton.

The LTTC Open Singles League began yesterday, 2nd November 2018 at about 7pm. This was the very first idea I had when I decided to come back to table tennis after a twenty and so years' absence from the sport. I thought at the time that it was something new but after doing some research I found out that a few clubs were already running their own singles league. Nevertheless, it was a format that I knew was needed because players are always busy and cannot always meet their schedule league matches.

So forward another 2 to 3 years to now, it has happened. It kicked off with some great matches with beginners to advanced players. Over 30 players already signed up and many more are expected to make their commitment to this format in the coming weeks. The good thing is you can join at any time. It's a very flexible structure so no major problems if you can't make it on a specific date just arrange to play before the next round.

Luton Table Tennis Club will be a busy place now and in the coming months.

Click HERE for more information. The information sheet should answer most of your questions, but if you would like to ask other questions, please contact Elroy by email, or phone 07960278059.

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