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The Wilmott Cup Zone 6 and 7 will be played in Luton Table Tennis Club Sat 7th April

The English Leagues Cup Competition is the oldest domestic competition run by Table Tennis England. It is an event for affiliated leagues of Table Tennis England, comprising of both a Junior Cup (Carter Cup for males and Bromfield Trophy for females) and a Senior Cup (Wilmott Cup for males and JM Rose Bowl for females).

Leagues may enter as many teams as they wish in each event. There are 8 zonal qualification events followed by a finals weekend, at a central venue, for those teams that qualify. The Senior events (Men and Women) are traditionally held on the Saturday with the Junior events (Boys and Girls) held on the Sunday.

A minimum of 2 players and a maximum of 4 players are allowed per team. The format is 5 matches ā€“ two singles matches, one doubles match and then two singles matches. Groups are followed by a knockout system. Umpires are used to officiate at this event.


The venue is open for practice from 9am. Match starts at 10am

The public is more than welcome to watch.

Zone 6:

  • Luton A
  • Wembley & Harrow B
  • Central London A

Zone 7:

  • Luton D
  • Wembley & Harrow A
  • Central London B

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